The Proven Dangers of Mobile Phone Radiation

cell phones effect on health

Even though technology-based gadgets have made life more convenient, a growing body of evidence indicates that these advancements pose certain health risks. Cellular phones are of particular interest as recent researches show that these emit radiation which over the long-term can lead to the development of certain diseases. Children are at a higher risk than adults, but these mobile phone […]

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Getting Your Baby to Sleep

sleeping baby blanket

Congratulations on your precious little bundle of joy that is a newborn baby. This is a beautiful time in both your own and your baby’s life as you both have to overcome new experiences. One of the most stressful for new mums is establishing a sleeping routine and getting your baby to sleep. Every baby is different but their basic […]

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Is the Flu Shot Worth the Risk?


Flu season in Australia is generally considered to take place between the months of May and October. This period is characterized by recurring outbreaks of the influenze virus throughout the population. During flu season you will commonly hear people talking about getting their flu shots. Now while the team here at My Healthy Family aren’t against the idea of vaccinations, […]

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A New Lifestyle – Healthy Balance

Greek Salad is part of a healthy diet

Here at My Healthy Family, one of our goals is to give you a new and realistic perspective about health. By realistic, we mean actual plans and goals you can actually achieve when it comes to health matters. The media have been feeding us unrealistic ideas that we cannot possibly achieve. There are these headlines everywhere “Lose weight in just […]

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Maintaining Muscular Flexibility

We all know that strength and flexibility start to fade as we reach our later years. The “use it or lose it” principle maintains that to remain flexible and toned, a combination of high intensity and low intensity training is required. If you wish to maintain muscle mass, lifting vigorously is the prescribed method. It is important that there is […]

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Make Education Fun for Your Kids

We’ve all heard the concerns about children spending too much time playing computer games and watching TV. While it’s hard to avoid these modern day “toys”, we are strong believers that children should still get some playtime away from technology every day. Giving children a less structured form of entertainment will not only encourage learning and creativity, but it will […]

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We Need Writers!

Do you have a penchant for good health and good habits? Do you like writing and helping others? You might be just who we are looking for! The team at My Healthy Family are looking for enthusiastic health junkies to contribute to our blog on a semi-regular basis. If you’ve have a wealth of knowledge about health related topics; be […]

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